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Trip to Lab Rat Keeper was fruitful

I’m going to live, and there is a study coming up where they need older people because geriatric reactions to meds are sometimes different from younger people. I’m not geriatric, or at least I don’t think I’m geriatric, because I have felt this old pretty much ever since the wreck. The doctor that treated me at the time said one of the consequences of major trauma like I got from the wreck is premature aging, the wreck accelerated my age by about 20 years. He didn’t tell me that, he told Mrs. the Poet, who told me about it years later.

In other news, I bet “I nicked my nostril shaving my eyebrow” is not a phrase you expect to read every day, or any day, but it happened. I was shaving the part of my eyebrow that runs down my nose and nicked my nostril while shaving the tip of my nose. And yes that is a singular eyebrow, because unless I use some kind of intervention it runs from one side of my face, down my nose, and across to the other side of my face. I tried electrolysis, which worked for a few years, but it regenerated, and now plucking keeps it thinned out but still can’t remove it. So I have to shave it every few days to keep my nose bald. And since Mrs. the Poet prefers my nose to be Not Hairy, and I prefer Mrs. the Poet to be happy, except for when I’m yanking her chain about something, and also because it appears that my eyebrow and moustache are trying to join forces and gang up on my face, I shave my nose every couple of days. Well one day last week I nicked my nostril while shaving that side of my nose. I was too embarrassed about it to write about it in my blog at the time but having a week of time to relax about it makes it easier to write about it.

Now on the off chance this is the first time you have read this blog, I have a unibrow that approaches werewolf proportions if I don’t keep it groomed, and runs all the way down my nose except for the small part where my glasses gouged out a chunk of my nose during the wreck and the scar didn’t have any roots for hairs to grow from. When they stitched my face back on there was a hole there and no hair. And as for that there are numerous posts about the wreck and what it did to my body scattered throughout the blog, read a few of them. That’s one of the things the Search function is good for. Although TBH I have zero clue what would get you articles about my wreck as opposed to all the other wrecks, you might look for “truck” which would narrow it down to a few thousand, or you could try reading some of the Extra Pages listed at the top of the current page.