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My feet hurt, have to take a break from collecting crypto

Seriously, I put a lot of miles in this week for as old and decrepit as I have become. I know 59 isn’t old in an absolute sense, I mean there are turtles older than that, but as much abuse as I have put my body through it certainly feels old. And it isn’t the bottoms of my feet that are bothering me, it’s across the top of the arch. I think maybe I’m overdue for a foot massage and that’s why that part of my feet hurt.

On other things I just saw where a pedestrian bridge in FL collapsed during construction, and the thing that bothers me the most about it is I can’t see any rebar sticking out of the broken concrete where the bridge collapsed. It might just be the fact the reproduction of the video via Twitter is just not high enough resolution to see the rebar, but there are a lot of little pieces of concrete that should have some kind of reinforcement keeping the pieces together so they break in larger pieces. And I just got back (21:24) from watching YouTube video of the disaster, and even at full-screen I can’t see any rebar sticking out of broken concrete, leading me to believe there wasn’t any or if there was it was too small and not enough of it.

I wish I had something to report about the Sprint-T, but except for brief flashes of inspiration the only thing that will provide progress in this build will be $$ in large quantities. I did a quick check of weight and if I build the frame from aluminum except for the roll bar, we are looking at a weight of 37 pounds for the frame compared to 70 or so for the kit frame that flexes like wet noodles and has no rollover protection. So with a little here and a little there we are looking at a sub-1400 pound car that has 305 HP on regular gas and gets 20 MPG without even trying, while embarrassing Corvettes and Vipers at stoplights. Heck, if I can make it hook up it would embarrass Hellcats and Demons at stoplights. But the kind of tires I would need to use to do that don’t wear well, like less than 100 UTQG wear rating. In comparison Goodguys requires 200 wear rating or higher to compete and most consumer tires are higher than 350 and go as high as 500. Of the tires I have been looking at most of the 245/40-15 are 200-300 wear rated, and the 255/60-15 are 400-500. So wear ratings of zero might have good traction for a few miles, but then you have cords showing through the tread.

I have to go do email and other mundane things now, so this is all for this post.