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Supposed to be getting new windows today

This is the third date scheduled to install the windows we ordered back in May or June. First time was mid-October, then mid-November exactly a month later, and then December 1st. There haven’t been any contact from the vendor/installers since the first week of November when they rescheduled the third time, so I’m hopeful today’s the day and by tonight we can see out the dining room windows.

The windows being replaced are original to the construction of the house in 1985. The inside between the panes of one window is completely opaque white, which seems to be common to this particular brand of window. There was an anti-reflective coating that didn’t age well and when the inert gas between the panes leaked out that coating just went frosted white. Also the wood under the windows is deteriorated to the point that it needs replacement too. That’s also part of the project today. Fortunately the weather forecast is for mid-70s high and mid-50s low, so we won’t suffer too much from the (non-existent) cold.

Other news I’m still looking for a drivetrain to install in the Sprint-T. I still have no budget because I’m buying windows I can see through and all my money is being spent on windows. Before we decided to replace the windows that money was supposed to go to buy a rear axle. Or at least that was what I had planned to do with that money. Now I’m buying windows. Also my taxes and insurance are both going way up so I don’t know if I’ll have money in the budget next year either. I’m old enough to remember double-digit inflation, so for me this is a recurring nightmare.

OMG I just spent $11k on windows

We have needed new windows since before I was killed in 2001. And not Windows the OS/GUI, the kind of windows that let you see outside. We have 12 windows in the house and 10 need replacing years ago. Seriously, of the ten windows 3 are opaque, and several more have wood rot problems. (And I keep getting ads for Windows 11, so that upgrade route also remains open.)

It was not too bad of an experience, I put it several steps up over the losing a tooth experience of a few weeks ago, but still nothing compared to pulling a baby out backwards with the other leg still pointed the wrong way and nobody even getting needing stitches, or resuscitation. I really dodged a bullet on that one. But this was still a pleasant experience. Four stars out of five, would recommend. I hope I have no needs to do this again, but if I had the funds I would.

Also I did the thing for the free engine again today, but if I don’t win either that engine or one of the lotteries, I think paying for the windows is going to deplete the budget for the Sprint-T for the next 114 months.

I got things done while I was away

Took my laptop to a computer tech friend and removed a couple of gigs of pre-installed bloatwares that were slowing the system something fierce. I mentioned how severely in a previous post that took almost 7 minutes just to open the compose page from initial boot. Well it takes about 2 minutes now, not perfect, but greatly improved. Uninstalling the software was just a small part of it, we also had to delete the files so it didn’t reinstall itself back. And there were over 2 gigs of files that needed to be uninstalled from the hard drive. Now I have 391GB free on the hard drive and over 101 GB free on the USB drive that I put most of my files on. I have all the books I don’t have on Kindle on that drive, all my p0rn, all my pictures, and a few files that are less easily classified but still important.

I’m still thinking about the frame for the Sprint-T, trying to climb over various things to see how nimble I remain. The answer is surprisingly nimble considering my age and injuries. I couldn’t crawl out of the first iteration that used the cage as a major structural component and braced the inside of the halo structure (across the top of the cage) to make the middle box of the frame rigid, but as long as I can put something to push against to stand up next to the driver’s seat I can get out of the car. Getting in is easy now, sit on the top edge of the body where the frame runs by it and swing my legs over it to stand on the floor then use the grab bars and push handles to lower myself gently to the seat.

On other aspects of the build, I’m still getting as many entries as I can for the Power Nation/ARP 302 Ford build giveaway engine because not-perfect free engine is miles/tons better than the perfect engine I don’t have. You can help by clicking this link to let them know you support me in getting the engine. I can earn up to 10 additional entries if enough people click that link. Apparently I will need to find a built AOD/4R70W/4R75W transmission to fit the bolt pattern on the block and also be strong enough to pass the power from the engine to the rear axle. Theoretically the R70 can hold the power, but there is no question with the R75 version. According to the Internet there is less than 5 pounds of difference between the two, so I should probably go with the 75W and a stand-alone controller unless the EFI controller for the giveaway engine can also control the transmission. I checked and probably not, also checked the peak torque and it’s way under the 75W limit of 533 pound-ft, also way under the 70W limit of 515 pound-ft. So whichever is cheapest gets the nod.

Click that link and get me another entry for that engine. Thank you.