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In the process of shedding my Winter Fur

And unlike other mammals that grow a winter coat, mine requires clippers and a razor to remove. It’s still a work in progress, but I did take pictures of the major stages along the way. I’ll post them in the next post. So far I’m at the “needs a haircut” stage but I’m clean-shaven. And like any partially complete renovation, I look goofy.

The trek to buy the clippers was a slog, because after I bought the clippers I decided to get a massage because the massage place was in walking distance of the Harbor Freight where I bought the clippers. Checking Google Maps, it’s about 0.6 miles or almost exactly 1 km. And as it was 95°F Tuesday, April 5th, I was hot and tired after making that walk as I haven’t had time to acclimate to heat, but I had a good rest and cool down at the massage place’s hot room. I know that seems like a paradox, to cool off in a hot room, but that’s in reference to the normal temperature of the establishment at about 72°F and this room is roughly 78-80°F. And 15°F is plenty of differential for cooling off from getting hot outside, without getting chilled by cooling off too rapidly.

The massage was a good one with a lot of work on my injuries from Before Times, and man do I have a lot of old injuries. Both knees, both hips, ankles and left foot and calf muscle from where the truck hit me. I still have the bump on the back of the tibia where the bumper of that truck hit me. My calf is a mesh of old surgical scars and missing bits from other wrecks, which is odd because the parts on a bike that take bites out of calf skin are on the opposite side of the bike from the calf with all the scars while the calf that lived in close proximity to the things that chew up legs for decades are pristine (except for the shaving scars).

And I have run out of things to write about because I still haven’t checked my lottery tickets from Wednesday night (it’s Thursday morning as I write this). So Imma put this to bed now.