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I got laid off again

I got laid off from a job that I couldn’t tell anyone about because of the NDA. This was the job that didn’t pay much, but didn’t require much, and I get to keep all the equipment and office supplies they sent. I don’t know what I’m going to do with the scales and barcode scanner, but they’re mine now. But I’m released from the NDA so I can tell people I was doing QC on the USPS delivery system. I mean the worst they could do if I broke the NDA is fire me, and now they can’t even do that as my last payment was sent out on my birthday. The e-mail telling me I’m laid off went out 0920 this morning, telling me my work was appreciated and that I was one of 3900 remaining people working on this project out of more than half a million over the course of the project. I’m supposed to continue reporting test mails until 9/30 when the reporting website gets shut down. Which I’m going to do because what else am I going to do with the stuff?

I’m not going to deny it, this feels like hell. And I’m trying to figure out what I’m supposed to do with the small amount of money I have left in my account because there’s not a lot of it and there aren’t many places to spend it in the app. And even though I can get a debit card to spend it outside of the app, because of the limitations in the tax code when this was established there are only a few places that I can use the card. If I could spend it just anywhere it would be income and I would have to pay taxes on it, but since it’s restricted it’s not “income” and I don’t have to report it or pay taxes on it. The way it was explained when I signed up, this way they could pay me more and I wouldn’t have to deal with the 1099 at the end of the year.

So, now I’m completely unemployed as all my side gigs are gone, and I can’t even look forward to getting stuff in the mail any more. ☹️ Well stuff will still come in the mail, it just won’t be work-related stuff any more. ☹️ This makes two jobs of fairly long term part-time employment that have died while I was in the saddle, quit before I did, are no longer there, in this cursed year.