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Stupid cat won’t come in out of the cold

Yep, Clint keeps going back out into the freezing cold weather. The aggravating thing about that is Mrs. the Poet is the one letting the cats out to freeze in the cold. It’s almost as if she wants them to leave or something. I get them to come in and she turns around and lets them go back out a few minutes later and then doesn’t wait for them to come back in a few minutes later as cats do. And then I spend hours at the door trying to call them back in from wherever they have holed up for the night. I end up with popsicle knees because she can’t keep the cats in when the weather gets cold.

And it would be so easy to do, just don’t let the cats out when they get done with dinner, act like you don’t hear them for a couple of minutes and they shut up and settle down for a warm night inside. I can say this here because Mrs. the Poet and our mutual friends don’t read my blog, because they read it a few times before I stopped writing about and linking to bike wrecks and decided it was “too depressing”. That’s one of the main reasons I stopped covering bike wrecks, I was making myself more depressed. Now I can semi trash-talk her and Mrs. the Poet will never even know. Of course I would never deliberately really trash talk Mrs, the Poet, calling her a pushover for the cats is pretty much as far as it will go.

And basically what I’m saying is I’m worried about the cats in the cold when she lets them out.