I had a gig today, and the Feed

I will have 4 days of links to filter from on Tuesday, because I had a gig that kept me away from the house until 2130. On the plus side the gig was a bike repair job tracking down a noise on a new trike that I had just assembled. The initial diagnosis was a rubbing fender on both rear wheels that I fixed, but there was still a rubbing noise from the right rear, but there was nothing visibly touching anything rotating. So I asked permission to take the trike on an extended ride on a nearby bike path to track down what was causing the problem. I rode several miles (7.6 if Google Maps is to be believed) and found the culprit, a rubbing brake drum, that eventually clearanced itself after a few miles.

I have Our Daily Ted because I can just jump to that page directly. Morning Links: Damian Kevitt finishes the run, high-end bike thief busted, and are mouth guards next?

The lesson on this one is stop to help even if there is a chance you may get jumped by the people that beat her up. Video Shows Teens Fighting In Williamsburg, Attacking Cyclist Who Calls For Help

And last link for today, it turns out there was a reason for the bad driver to drive bad. U-Haul Driver Who Struck Teen Was High, Had License Suspended 16 Times

And I’m going to bed now, I can barely move.

Billed @€0.02. Opus


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