I earned some crypto today

Now I have to find the exchange rate for Sweatcoin to $. If I’m reading the app right at my current level of membership I made about $0.30 walking to the store and can’t collect the additional $0.18 I earned until tomorrow unless I upgrade my membership. But since I don’t walk 2 miles every day I can just collect my $0.30 and roll with it. I will still collect all the Sweatcoins I earn, just not on the same day as I earn them. As I was saying to Mrs. the Poet, this is still $0.30 a day more than I had before for just doing what I naturally do, walking to and from places and bus stops. $0.30 a day comes to $109.50 a year, just for living my life and keeping my phone charged and with me as I do my thing outside. That’s similar to what I have been making on the one side gig I have a NDA for. I get $100 about every 18 months from that gig. Anywho I earned 8 sweatcoins out walking and I can collect 5 per day, and the current exchange rate is $0.06/coin but it fluctuates rapidly between 0.06 and 0.05 during the day.

I’m not going to be buying many Pentastars with Sweatcoins this year, but I will figure it out somehow. I’m thinking that if I take advantage of the short length of the Pentastar and mount it a bit forward of the rear of the block flush with the firewall I will be fighting for footroom with the transmission instead of the bellhousing which will free up another inch or so of space between the inside of the body and the mechanicals for my feet. If I imitate the installation from the forum article of myduster360 linked yesterday I get even more space, but I would need it because this is for a manual transmission installation and I would need a clutch pedal. This might leave enough room to actually install a clutch pedal in the Sprint-T. I have been looking at pedal units from OBP but I’m still worried about having enough lateral room to mount the unit. The spec sheet lists total width at 245 mm (9.65″) which will be jammed right up against the inside wall on the left and the transmission tunnel to the right if as they say in the UK I got my sums right . I need the DBW throttle pedal to match the DBW throttle body on the engines.

Getting back to Sweatcoin for a min, with the 5 coin max and about 4 coins a mile if I can plot a mile and a quarter loop I can max out in about 40 minutes taking it easy. It depends on how much gets loaded up tomorrow.


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