I’m back and I have test results

Getting to the personal stuff first, they did another cognition test to measure my mental decline. And there has been some decline in the last 2 years. But to allay fears, I maxed out the test last time so there was no place to go but down. Most notably, I can no longer repeat back random 7 digit numbers in reverse order. I was able to remember both Ruth and Paul’s names, and Alma’s restaurant, but I forgot the name of the park they went for a walk after breakfast on Tuesday.

I’m not ignoring the Uber wreck from earlier this week. The video released yesterday shows the victim was moving from the left lane to the right and was trackable for several seconds before impact, assuming the vehicle was using sensing systems that were not dependent on using visible light. If not then the Uber program was a total sham. There is also the question of vehicle speed as it moved from a 45 MPH zone into the 35 zone where the impact happened. The impact was at 38 MPH according to the released vehicle log, which is above the speed limit for the impact zone but well below the limit for the area just left. Now all the literature I have read states AV will be totally compliant with all vehicle laws, and ones I have read concerning moving from one speed limit to another is the vehicle must be at or below the limit of the zone it is in regardless of the limit of the zone it may have left.

And now I want to take a walk, and make some money


One response to “I’m back and I have test results

  1. Cog tests are fascinating. Mine were all over the place …
    … yea, taking a turn at 38 is nucking futs. AVs should be so careful that it’s annoying, IMHO.


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