Who turned the thermostat down?

For those not following the news, it has been chilly here in the suburbs of Hell, and the forecast is Not Good. As in lows below zero° F not good by Monday.

About that 133 vehicle pile-up first I don’t drive much less drive on freeways, and second that was more than 40 miles to the west of Casa de El Poeta. That’s middle of Tarrant County, we are in Dallas County and on the far east edge of Dallas County. Also nobody we know was involved because they’re either working in Dallas when this went down, or they are recovering from not-COVID illnesses.

I might have mentioned we got a new shower, and that I took pictures.
plumbing end of the old bathtub after demolition
More of the middle of the bathtub side of the room after demo
The back of the tub area after demo
Grab bar at the back of the shower stall
Faucet and shelf at the front of the shower stall
shelves and grab bar
Look how nice the window opening came out.

And I was a little more flippant than I wanted to sound on the 133 vehicle wreck. There was an elevated roadway leading across a floodplain to a bridge, which froze over much easier than the roadway in contact with the ground and was covered in a sheet of ice from moisture condensing out of the air on the road surface and freezing on contact. This formed a sheet of “black ice” that local drivers see about once a decade or so. Basically the first warning they had there might be ice was when the tires started to slip as the car or truck went sideways. Basically none of the people I know were in the area when the mess took place, something I’m very glad for.

But, I have a new shower and in a couple of hours I’m going to test how it works.


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