May the fourth be with you and other bad news, good news

First, Happy Star Wars Day to those who observe.

Next, this has been one of those up, down, and then up days. I had a dentist’s appointment at 1330 to get the stitches removed from where they pulled all those teeth last week, but when I called to let them know I would be a few minutes late the call went straight to voice mail. When I got out of the Lyft, there was a sign on the door saying the office was closed for repairs. so I had to turn around and immediately summon another Lyft (I love using that phrasing, it sounds like I’m using a cantrip in D&D). After I fixed lunch for myself and Mrs. the Poet, I tried to use the website to get in touch with someone who could finish fixing my mouth, and the number changed on the website as I was reading it, different area code and everything. So I tried the new number and connected with a real human who told me the reason the office was closed was they were having network problems (still). I managed to get an appointment for 1400 Monday to get my lower fixed and my stitches out. So, good.

Current jam, Hush from the 1978 remix album from Deep purple, and now we just started the 17:05 mix of Inna Gadda Da Vida. I get the good stuff from this version of My Mix 2.


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