Daily Archives: October 27, 2014

I keep trying to get away and they just keep trying to drag me back in

Quick post to note that a close friend had sent me a report about a cyclist getting T-boned by a taxi in Nashville. At the time he sent me the report there was no word on who ran the red if anyone (remember what I used to say about stale greens?), but the cyclist was still conscious but seriously injured when LEO arrived. And that’s all I know. T-bone collisions are about as close to impossible to avoid as they get.

I was having a discussion on Disqus about transgendered people when I mentioned that my life resembles a bad comic book, what with the Fun Times in Foreign Countries Blowing Up Infrastructure right out of HS (locations still classified, but not the fact that I did it nearly 40 years ago), getting killed in 2001, and the stuff I did to try to get bicycle infrastructure in the years since, and renting a room to a nice transgendered couple this month and knowing an even number of M2F as F2M in spite of the massive preponderance of M2F. (Oh yes and the other 2 times I got hit with pickup trucks that got totalled out and I survived…) Someone wants to fictionalize my life and make a comic out of it, but I think nobody will ever believe it… And TBH most of my life was pretty boring, the exciting parts were concentrated in the beginning and recently. The rest of the time I just got married and raised a family as best I could.

And that is all I want to say for today…

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