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I got hits on that outrageous headline yesterday, and the Feed

Remember that crazy headline from yesterday? I got two search engine hits on it. Isn’t it crazy what people want to believe against all evidence? I mean, people know that a cyclist hitting a car hard enough to cause appreciable damage will most likely die, right? I keep seeing posts in comment sections about “bicycle vs car, cyclist loses” over and over, so I’m taking this as evidence that people know someone riding a bicycle is no threat to anyone riding in a car absent a Uzi in the hands of the cyclist. But people are still looking for confirmation of their anti-cyclist bias about how “dangerous” we are.

Yet another link to the cyclist killed by “falling” in front of after being “tapped” by a semi. Cyclist dies in crash near Three Rivers on Saturday I maintain that getting “tapped” with a semi is like getting “tapped” by a major-league batter trying for a home run. If you are really lucky you just break a few bones, if you are not really lucky you get splattered across the landscape.

This wasn’t a wreck, more like robbery and murder. Fayetteville man arrested in NY cyclist’s death No, exactly like robbery and murder.

Another link to the Montreal decision about the cyclist killed in the underpass. Cyclist’s underpass death was avoidable, says coroner This article makes it even more apparent that inadequate infrastructure played as big a part in this death as bad driving.

More on the cyclist left hooked in Enn Zed. Killed cyclist likely to be a tourist Bike lane to the left of the stopped line of traffic that prevented the cyclist from seeing the turn signal? Whatever, the carnage was total. As I said for the first link to this on Monday, intersection protocols to avoid or reduce damages, and infrastructure that doesn’t mix cyclists going straight riding across vehicles turning to prevent.

Still in Enn Zed a distraught parent’s reaction to his child’s killer. Father of dead cyclist ‘angry’ He wasn’t angry about the minimal “sentence” handed down, he was angry that a 75 YO man was driving an HGV. I would be angry that the judge decided the driver was “too old” to go to prison, but not to drive more than 10 tons of killing machine.

A bit of Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde via Upstate NY. SCOOT: traffic lights that count pedestrians

Still in the UK cycle-haters gonna hate even when accommodating cyclists improves their pedestrian access. Pedestrians and cyclists clash at meeting over plans to widen path alongside Bristol docks The proposed changes will move cyclists away from pedestrians, but the haters are mad because then the cyclists will be “riding faster”. [facepalm] (I know there is a facepalm smilie on WP now, but I’m unable to get it to show. We need a chart…)

Another example of automobile-centric planning and cyclists scrambling to get through the mess in Enn Zed. Cyclists flout ban on using new tunnel The cyclist and pedestrian route is all torn up and absent wayfinding, but the car route has 3 lanes in each direction… and banned to cyclists… TANJ!

Lifestyle in CA. Injured Veterans to Cycle 465 Miles from San Francisco Bay Area to Los Angeles for 2014 UnitedHealthcare Ride 2 Recovery California Challenge WoaB approves of this ride, get out there and support our troops.

A little technical information for e-assist riders. Why Rechargeable Batteries Fail Interesting.

More e-assist news. EcoSpeed’s $75,000 Kickstarter campaign ends Sunday These guys have been around for years, and having some inventory on hand would be a great advantage in dealing with the hub-motor kit competition.

And I have exhausted today’s supply of bicycle links, again.

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