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It was bad last night, and the Feed

They are still counting to determine if my next state senator is just mildly crazy or batshit insane. As of the last report I read there are less than 100 votes separating the two with batshit leading. It’s looking like batshit is leading in the rural precincts with just crazy leading in the urban ones and most of the people in the urban districts not allowed to vote because this was the Republican primary. So once again I’m dependent on the turnout of sane people vs insane base GOP to determine who gets to be “my” representative in the State Senate, and I don’t get a say.

Up first is another link and an update on the cyclist hit by a drunk driver in a stolen car in CA. Bicyclist killed in Chula Vista crash, driver arrested and the update Cyclist’s family talks to 10News at growing memorial at scene of crash The best news I got from the second link was a bit at the end that additional charges were pending for the driver of the weapon vehicle both in relation to the killing and the ongoing drug charges he’s faced with from previous encounters with LEO.

Still in SoCal is this report of a cyclist that somehow managed to get severe blunt trauma to the head and torso without intervention from a motor vehicle. Bicyclist critically hurt in University City I wasn’t able to get Google Maps to put up a topo map of the area but street views did not show any long or steep hills in the area, so where the cyclist was able to get enough speed to do those kinds of injuries without someone using a motor vehicle to do it is a mystery to me. Also with no reports on bad pavement or other defects in the street exactly what took him out remains a mystery. Best I can do on this one is say, “Be careful.”

A similar wreck to the San Diego CA wreck in Oz. Woman injured in fall from bike at Holbrook Road intersection Again, the rider “falls off” the bike for absolutely no reason and suffers life-altering injury with no cars involved? Interesting thing is the victim was conscious and alert at the scene and claimed to have been hit by a car in the first report but the update says there was no car. Excuse me for calling this a load of male bovine byproduct, but I know BS when I smell it. This sounds like a buzz job where they drive on the wrong side of the road, especially with the injured right arm.

What appears to be a left hook in Enn Zed. Cyclist injured after collision Note the location near a freeway on ramp with the cyclist riding to the left getting hit by someone entering the freeway. Intersection protocols to avoid or to mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to remove bicycle traffic from having to be where people are trying to enter freeways.

It appears the cyclists in this video forgot to record the persons assaulting them before they started to return the favor to the driver and passengers. Fists, wheels fly as cyclists attack teen

Infrastructure! news from OH. Bay Village City Council airs changes in bicycle laws, would require single-file on Lake Road Since the road in question is not wide enough for a car to legally pass in the same lane I don’t see what forcing riders to ride single file would do except make passing take twice as long when there are multiple bicycles present.

More infrastructure from AZ as promised parking removal from adjacent to a bike lane has not happened months later. PHOTO: PARKING ON FIFTH AVENUE HAS NOT BEEN REMOVED Yep that really looks inviting to ride on, NOT!

BikingInLA had a mostly infrastructure post this morning. Morning links: Lurking storm debris, a victory for our southern neighbors, and LA kills the Marathon Crash race

Infrastructure for riders in VA. We can improve system for bicyclists Leave the bike penalties as they are and ramp up the motor vehicle fines to a similar percentage of new car price as the bicycle fines are to bicycle prices. If “they” want to base the bicycle percentage to $5K crabon racing bikes then “adjust” car fines to the Bugatti Veyron ($1.5 million).

More legal infrastructure for cyclists from BikingInLA. Make Sure You’re Protected Before You Need To Be In TX they used to pay for the victims of hit-and-run from the Victims of Violent Crimes fund, until a few cyclists bankrupted the fund after their H&R hospital stays (mine was “only” $250K). But while the fund was still in existence they would go after the perps in hit-and-run with a vengeance and take pretty much everything they had and attaching all future earnings at up to 33.3%. I don’t know what happens to those judgments when the collecting agency no longer exists.

And we get news from the Bike Summit. BIKE SUMMIT: WHAT’S THE ASK? And do we meekly ask, hat in hand, or do we barge in and demand to know what they are going to do to stop killing people? I’m in the barge in and demand camp myself, I’m not going to live long enough to see anything from the hat in hand tactic.

And more from the conference in DC. One big way ‘Women Bike’ is changing the face of advocacy

And those are all the links about bicycles I could find today.

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