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Still running with a light Feed

Apparently news outlets have been too busy with elections and baseball to spend much time covering bicycle wrecks, because there were not many articles in the Feed and what there was a a bit on the sketchy side.

Up first because I like wrecks with survivors is this report from SoCal. Bicyclist hospitalized after being hit by car “Leg injury” could be anything from bruises and road rash to the nightmare I had with multiple broken bones and large areas of missing skin. I’m hoping the injuries were more towards the bruises and road rash end of the spectrum. The wreck was caused by a driver running a red light in a motor vehicle, not much way to avoid that. No word at this point if the driver was caught.

Another injury wreck but this time no clear definition of who was at fault. FENWICK ISLAND: Cyclist, 65, injured in traffic collision The article states the cyclist “failed to see the vehicle as he attempted to cross the roadway” but doesn’t say who had the right of way. I mean I could be crossing an intersection where there was a 4-way stop and I proceeded after doing my stop and if I failed to see a vehicle running the stop sign, I’m not at fault because the vehicle I missed seeing was supposed to stop at the stop sign. The implication here is that the cyclist was at fault but without further information I can’t say what to do to avoid a similar wreck.

A SWCC fatality somewhere in the eastern US from reading the articles but I can’t identify the state. BICYCLIST FATALLY INJURED and Cyclist killed on U.S. 78 Fortunately I saw an ad in the second link that identified the state this wreck took place in, AL. As in all SWCC wrecks there was nothing on what the cyclist might have been crossing the road to get to, or any witnesses other than the driver that killed the cyclist. Basically the cyclist was there, the cyclist got hit, his fault. Male bovine excrement!

And in Oz, they’re getting peeved about cyclists placing car drivers at risk by riding without lights. Police hit out at night cyclists This quote really floors me:”BICYCLE riders who use the road at night without lights fitted to their bikes are just as dangerous as motorists who do the same, says Hervey Bay Police Sergeant Dave Dansie.” Obviously the good Sergeant never took physics in school or if he did he didn’t score too well.

And an update on the guy riding the stationary bike, he passed the 200 hour mark and continues on to set the record even higher now that he broke it. Marathon Cyclist Breaks Guinness World Record And Is Still Going Having done the stationary bike routine in bad weather, the main enemy of doing this is boredom.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

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