Stupidity thy name is politician

Actually there is a lot of noise being made about a toss off phrase used by the House Minority Leader on one of the Sunday talking heads programs. Analyzing Obama’s Tax Plan Obviously the Good Representative has no concept of bike paths designed for transportation, and is referring to the paths to nowhere in parks and whatnot, but still the inference is that bikes are not transportation. You can try to pursued him at this e-mail addy: even though I don’t think it will do much good. If you try remember that while he is an idiot he is a very sensitive idiot, and calling him an idiot won’t help matters any. Show him that cycling infrastructure will reduce traffic congestion, reduce pollution (by both reducing congestion, and by having fewer cars running to pollute), reduce obesity, reduce health care costs, reduce the amount of money we spend on foreign oil, and that properly designed cycle infrastructure will last for decades without maintenance beyond sweeping the dirt off from rains and wind storms. In short cycling infrastructure that takes people where they want to go is a good investment.

Billed @$.02, Opus

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