Still sick but not much to report on

Yes, I’m still “feeling poorly” to use local vernacular, but there wasn’t much in the Feed this morning to report on, just an update on the Seattle cyclist hit by a van, and another article on that Mavic wheel recall. For those of you with R-SYS front wheels get thee hence to a LBS to swap out before you break your face. Seriously, there is no warning before the spokes give up and then you face plant.

The only other bicycle related article is one that was out of date when I got it, about a memorial ride for the cyclist killed in Seattle. Memorial ride for cyclist Thursday Turns out it was a candlelight vigil not a ride, the ride will be held at a later date. Just goes along with all the other mis-information that has dogged this wreck. Last I read the van driver was making a u-turn from the bike lane and did not see the bike passing in the main traffic lane, by her own words, but the police report still has the cyclist passing her on the left when she was in the left turn lane. That scenario doesn’t make sense, if she was in the left turn lane then the bike lane and the main traffic lane were available to pass the van. Somebody in LEO is fudging the facts…

And that’s all for today. I’ll drag myself out of bed again to post another report tomorrow, but not any sooner.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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