Rant on accountability behind the wheel

I was sent to a post in the blog of the guy that wrote the book Traffic on bills before the legislatures of 2 states making killing someone while breaking traffic laws more serious than a ticket, as is happening now in many states. A mother’s death, a son’s loss deepens. There are other stories out there if you choose to go looking for them, but that example has some egregious examples of the situation taking place.

In the blog How We Drive author Tom Vanderbilt writes about bills before the legislatures of MD and WA that would lower the bar for bringing felony charges when traffic laws are broken and people get killed. ‘A Culture of Accountability on Our Roads’ The fact that someone can speed, run red lights, and break other traffic laws, and only get a ticket, or even several tickets, for killing someone. To quote my wife “That ain’t right!”

For my state rep Joe Driver, if you or your legislative assistant are reading this blog, TX needs this law, or a similar law. For most people they thought there was already a law like this, the fact that killing or seriously injuring someone while breaking traffic laws is not considered a felony or even a serious misdemeanor.

Billed @$.02, Opus


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