More death and destruction, The Feed 2/27/09

Yeah, well there isn’t really that much death, some destruction, and some good news from Iowa (are you paying attention Kim West?).

Opening up with the Iowa news first, a bill that substantially upgrades the rights and protections of cyclists passes the state Senate in Iowa. Iowa Senate endorses “Bicyclist’s Bill of Rights” Notice that the Republicans are against anyone getting more rights. The quote from the Democrat was interesting, in that while motor vehicle occupant deaths are declining bicyclists are still getting killed at the same number every year. I don’t know if this is an indictment against cars getting more protective of occupants or what, but the basic matter is that all cyclists have to protect themselves is a styrofoam hat that is only good up to a 12.5 MPH impact, while car occupants have tons of steel crumple zones, seat belts, and air bags to prevent injury and death. Cars are tested to eliminate all injury at an impact speed that kills 80% of cyclists and pedestrians, which accounts for much of the differences in the decline of the death rate. Now let’s see the state House pass the bill, too.

A freak wreck when two cyclists collide. Man injured in bike-on-bike accident Once again, it ain’t much, but a helmet would have reduced the level of injury in this wreck. And actually this is just the kind of wreck that helmets are designed to protect in. So, wear a helmet, in case you get knocked off your bike and hit your head on the way down.

And the feel-good story that isn’t about new laws or infrastructure. Teacher, wife and cyclist hopes to tackle MERCO dream I’m all for anyone that’s chasing their dreams, as long as those dreams don’t interfere with my daily life. This is a real good story, go out there and do something wonderful in your life like this woman.

And that’s all the cycling and safety related stuff in the Feed for today. Tomorrow’s post may be a little late as I have prior engagements to attend to.

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