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Taking care of a bunch of things, and the Feed

Things are a mite chaotic around Casa de El Poeta today as I have been doing my imitation of a decapitated chicken trying to get things taken care of, plus I’m supposed to be ready to take a phone interview for a possible long-term (more than 2 weeks) computer job, and all the rest of the things that need to be taken care of just for day-to-day living. So I have been busy, and if things work out I will be busier still. But I will be making considerably more money than I have been doing 1-2 day gigs every once in a while. So financial stability vs free time, decisions decisions…

Up first a CA cyclist was hit by a school bus. Cyclist hit, killed by school bus in Palmdale and 18-Year-Old Bicyclist Hit, Killed By School Bus more Bicyclist Struck, Killed by School Bus — Chris Wolfe Reports another one Teen struck and killed by school bus in Palmdale last link Teen Struck, Killed by School Bus in Palmdale – Jennifer Gould Reports OK I took a look at the scene of the crime via Street View, and it doesn’t make sense. There were 2 lanes of travel and a left turn lane, then a right turn only lane for the opposite direction of travel for the bus, and the bus hit the cyclist in the left turn lane for the opposite side of the street. This reads more like the driver swerved at the cyclist than tried to avoid him. There was an unconfirmed report that there was a third vehicle at the scene that had stopped to give the cyclist a clear crossing and the bus swerved around that vehicle. At any rate the bus was in the wrong lane when it hit the cyclist, and the cyclist had cleared the bus’s lane of travel when he was hit. Intersection protocols might have prevented this wreck but it’s not likely, but getting the infrastructure right including not having a 50 MPH highway running through residential areas and a park would have prevented it.

And an interesting link from the UK. Cambridge drivers warned car doors can be a menace to cyclists The only wreck mode that is 100% the fault of drivers by law, and there are still people that try to blame it on cyclists…

And those are all of the links that gave me fits today.

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