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Possible changes to the contest, and the Feed

I have been getting feedback about tattooing over skin grafts both through this site and IRL from people that have tattoos and some tattoo artists. The artist I have tentatively chosen wants me to do a test tat on the graft to determine if the graft will take ink stably or if the ink will wander around in the graft. This will determine what kind of tattoo I get, but not the winner of the cash prize. I can see the question marks popping up over people’s heads. The contest was for the tattoo I liked best not the one that gets used. If they are different then I will pay the artist that designed the usable tattoo going market rates… Note to contestants, designing a tat that has intentional blurs inside the skin graft area would enhance your chances of being the winner.

Police in GA are looking for a cyclist’s killer. Police looking for person who struck, killed bike rider and Cops: Hit-and-run driver strikes bicyclist, drags him also Atlanta cyclist struck, dragged, killed From the description of the wreck and the condition of the victim’s bicycle I would say this was a buzz job gone very bad. Someone could have ridden the bike away from the scene, but the cyclist was dragged a considerable distance down the street. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, but as the wreck was on the same street the victim lived on this would be shared space under the current best practices for bicycle infrastructure so the only infrastructure that would have prevented this wreck would be the kind that keeps idiots that buzz cyclists riding bicycles instead of driving motor vehicles weapons of mass destruction.

In AL a driver is convicted of killing a cyclist. Brother of Killed Cyclist Comments on Guilty Plea The driver plead guilty to killing the cyclist and has been permanently banned from driving for the rest of his life, with a possible one year sentence every time he gets caught and making him eligible for the three strikes law if he gets caught more than once… I was shocked.

A rare UK link for a cyclist that was hit head on on his side of the road. Witness appeal after Lancaster cyclist injured in weekend accident, closing road Given the charges the driver was arrested for, and the level of injury suffered by the cyclist, and reading between the lines I would have to say this was not a wreck a human cyclist could have avoided. Infrastructure that separated the cyclist from motor vehicle traffic and more stringent testing for drivers of large and/or heavy motor vehicles would have prevented this wreck.

From Enn Zed, a cyclist is hit from behind during a group ride. Cyclist hit and killed by truck near Taupo and Husband watches wife go under truck oh, it was the road that killed her, not getting hit by tons of metal moving at high speed. Notorious road claims cyclist AFAICT this wreck was the epitome of a buzz job gone bad as the cyclist was hit in the front tire as she stood on the pedals to climb the hill. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and make wrecks like this equivalent of “accidentally” shooting someone to prevent until segregated infrastructure is in place.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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