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Doing another day imitating that chicken, and the Feed

I had a gig this morning that extended into a full day of work, but when I filtered what was in the Feed this morning there wasn’t anything that pertained to this blog. Now that I have a few minutes I can filter the afternoon links and post any that are germane to this blog…

A dead CA cyclist will be remembered. Memorial For Bicyclist Killed on San Tomas Expressway is Wednesday A little late to attend, as this link was posted in my search folder @1515 with the service @1530, so I’m sorry but even if I hadn’t been working by the time I knew about the service the service was starting. This was “an accident” so the driver that left the road to hit him faces no charges.

The Big Story is a cyclist struck and killed in Enn Zed> Cyclist killed in crash named and Second cyclist killed in Christchurch also Cyclist killed in Christchurch crash more Cyclist killed in Christchurch crash named not done yet Cyclist killed in crash named still more Second cyclist killed in three days are you kidding me Cyclist killed in Christchurch crash named AFAIK the cyclist was waiting her turn at an intersection when a vehicle turned left and went wide into her lane (same as a vehicle making wide right in the US) and ran her over. This is not the kind of wreck a human cyclist can avoid, and there are only 2 things that can prevent it: stricter licensing requirements and segregated infrastructure. The Street View of the scene shows a traffic light and a well-marked bike lane where the cyclist supposedly was hit. I might change my assessment if I get other information about the wreck, but from what I know now, this is 100% the fault of the driver…

And that’s all I got today(tonight).

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