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Mule Duties again today, and the Feed

Starting out, let me say that yesterday’s trip was very fruitful and productive, even with a 20 mile urban round trip (who needs hills when you have stoplights or 4-way stop signs every quarter mile or less?) with light winds. I have another trip coming up to get a replacement for my replacement computer. I need something that will let me unhook from my cable modem and move around the house a bit. We have Wi-Fi but none of the computers I currently have working has Wi-Fi working on it so I have to use a stand alone Buffalo Air Station to connect to the wireless router, and even that doesn’t help for the laptop without RJ-45 connectivity. That would be the Win98 laptop with the bios so old that it can’t even boot from the CDROM on the PCMCIA bus because nothing on the PCMCIA bus even exists as a usable drive until Windows loads. I have all this neat stuff on the computer that I can’t use because the only wireless device I have needs a driver for Win98 to install but I can’t get the driver until I get the wireless device installed. At the moment it is a game player that has (only) Solitaire installed. So, new laptop coming. I was looking at the Chromebook laptops as they seem to be all the computer I need when I’m not actually at home or even not in my office at home. I’m hoping the local Best Buy still has the version with the hard drive as I don’t see the 16GB SSD of the newer version as being adequate, partially because I don’t trust The Cloud for my storage and partially because some of the programs I use to make this blog don’t work with Cloud storage, they require storage on the same device as I’m using the program on. Also the hard drive version has 320GB of storage, meaning I could wipe the Chrome OS and install Ubuntu if I have any “issues” with Chrome.

Up first an update from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. Flagler Beach bicyclist killed Tuesday riding in bike lane This was the cyclist killed when the driver sneezed. If you can sneeze and kill someone with something, that deadly thing needs to be very tightly regulated so as to prevent “death by second-hand pollen”. Seriously, if you are in control of a device so deadly that a sneeze at the wrong moment can kill that device needs to be removed from inadvertent contact with the public.

Second update is on the driver that hit the cyclist head-on in the cyclist’s lane, then flipped the vehicle. Cyclist killed when struck by car Nearly a week later and no charges have been filed for running a cyclist over in her own lane and then wrecking your vehicle? TANJ!

And those are all the live links I had, except for an old one about the Jalabert left cross. That one has been hashed to death in other media outlets, and covered in this blog as well.

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