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Bean Day now with Actual Beans again, and the Feed

The pantry at Casa de El Poeta has been restocked, which means that for the first time in a couple of weeks we are actually having beans on Bean Day, as well as an ample measure of brown rice. You have no idea how comforted this makes me feel, to have beans and rice and yogurt in the house again. Add in the fact that we bought the BIG jar of peanut butter (4 pounds net), and let’s just say I’m a happy camper as far as food is concerned. Some time today I’m going to have to make several trips to banks to pay utility bills and mortgages, transfer money from the account I had to use to deposit the check to the checking account, and get actual cash out for a shopping trip I want to make. I’m still not used to actually having money, so my first instinct is not to spend any unless I absolutely HAVE to. Things like the tattoo are things I have been wanting/needing for a very long time but just did not have the fundage needed to make them a reality are being purchased, but I’m just not going out and dropping cash like a drunken sailor (although getting a tattoo is very much like a drunken sailor, isn’t it?).

Up first, a pair of cyclists are left-crossed by a drunk driver in San Antonio. Cyclist injured, driver detained in crash OK left cross is obviously an intersection wreck, use the intersection protocols to avoid, and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Now let’s get to the good and bad about the report. First of all the struck cyclist was not wearing a helmet, but was the drunk driver wearing a helmet and firesuit? I dunno, nobody checked. Second the LEO in this case appear to have immediately blamed the driver in this case and started looking for things to add on to the charges, like DUI. I like this part of the report… More Bicyclist hit by pickup truck downtown and Bicyclist in critical condition after hit by truck

Another report on the guy hit from behind while riding AFRAP, in CA. Madera man ID’d as cyclist killed The cyclist was riding on the right hand edge of the pavement. In theory a minimal excursion to the left should have been enough to make this a near-miss at worst. Instead the cyclist dies shortly after being removed from the scene, am I the only one that is seeing assault with a deadly weapon as a possible charge in this wreck?

From the UK a cyclist is assaulted with, a tree? Cyclist injured as tree branch is thrown from York bridge So, not only do UK cyclists need to be aware of threats in a 360 degree circle at ground level they also have to be alert to potential threats from above as well? TANJ!

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, now to go transfer money and pay bills.

Billed @$0.02, Opus