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Busy day today doing nothing, and the Feed

This is the last weekday of Mrs. the Poet’s week off, so we had a quiet lunch over at the Barnes & Noble’s Cafe. This is kind of a tradition with us, one or the other gets a B&N gift card for Christmas and over Spring Break we take a day off, go have lunch and buy a book or 2. It’s one of “those things” that we do because we have been married for decades and this is a reminder of when we first got together in college, hanging out in the library drinking free coffee in the lounge. The weather is warm again after being way too cool to have bare ears earlier this week, but it has been very windy. It was so bad that when I was riding crosswind it was very difficult to keep Blue upright approaching and leaving a stop sign.

From NC a cyclist goes around one vehicle in the crosswalk and hits another, and nobody gets a ticket? Cyclist not seriously injured after hitting a car at Innes and Main streets Read the narrative, the cyclist was riding on the sidewalk and tried to get around vehicles stopped at a red light, one of which was so far forward as to make it easier to go around the back of the vehicle… But nobody even got a ticket.

More on the wreck in CA where a cyclist was hit from behind in a bike lane. Cyclist Killed on San Tomas Expressway Was a Cautious Rider Combine this with the eyewitness that the driver made a “sudden swerve” behind the cyclist, and we have a wreck that was not avoidable by human cyclists.

More on the cyclist killed by a train in UT. Cyclist killed by TRAX train identified This was exactly what I surmised from the early reports yesterday, the cyclist saw the first train cross and didn’t wait for the second one because he didn’t see it and I guess just presumed the crossing signals were malfunctioning.

One of the minor joys of riding a bike is being better connected to the environment and neighborhood, but there is a slight downside… A Nose Knows Particularly if you live in a neighborhood with lots of great restaurants. All we have is a doughnut shop that is usually closed when I’m out and about in the evenings.

Last links are to a story that has nothing to do with bicycles but much to say about the priorities in VA. New $100 hybrid fee applies to electric mopeds, too and Should electric mopeds be subject to the $100 fee for alternative vehicles? That comes to 11-12% of initial retail cost per year for e-mopeds, vs less than 0.1% for motor vehicles. A comparison would be charging more than $5k for an SUV, per year.

And those are all the links that gave me fits, except for the UK links. Those won’t do anything except raise your blood pressure.

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