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Holding steady around 200 pounds, and the Feed

I forgot to mention after visiting the Lab Rat Keeper last week that I have been holding steady under 205 fluctuating as low as 199 depending on the last time I used the bathroom or ate. If I weigh before breakfast and after dumping all unnecessary “byproducts” then I’m under 200, usual pot of coffee and breakfast without a trip to the toilet puts me right at 204 and change. I know that is verging on TMI, sorry for those who are offended. I had a very late brekky this afternoon (not a typo) and thinking clearly is still not on the agenda yet. Also on the tail end of an allergy attack which also tends to jumble the thought processes (actually it’s the meds that do the jumbling, leaving me with the choice of being horribly uncomfortable or loopy).

From over the border in OK a cyclist is hit-and-run. Police Seek Driver Who Injured Tulsa Cyclist, Soldier and Police Still Looking for Driver that Hit Solider on His Way to Work Broken Arrow Police Seek Information In Hit And Run That Injured Soldier The cyclist was hit from behind while riding on the shoulder in a legally lighted bike with a reflective vest on, IOW doing everything right when the driver went off the road where he was riding. For my new readers (several thousand of you in the last few weeks) I hate, detest, despise, and wish a vile, painful death on all hit-and-run drivers.

Another dead cyclist in FL. Flagler Beach Cyclist Frederick J. Martinez Is Killed in Collision With a Work Van on SR100 The cyclist was riding on the shoulder and wearing clothing that made him visible, but biology (in the form of a driver sneeze) made his riding position and visibility moot. IOW this cyclist did everything right and still got killed. I feel sorry for the driver in this wreck, who didn’t try to kill the cyclist. The issue here is infrastructure that places cyclists next to high-speed traffic with no barrier between the two, fix the infrastructure and prevent the death, even thought the motor vehicle will still get wrinkled. Kudos to the driver for hanging around in this wreck.

Mission Viejo PD evidently has a cross-training system with NYPD. Driver Who Killed Cyclist Not Charged The driver had multiple driving infractions on her record and hit the cyclist from behind as he was riding in the bike lane, but no charges filed since Friday… In NYPD-speak “no criminality suspected”.

A Roy UT driver is “distracted” by a cyclist and shears off a power pole at the base, flipping his vehicle. Cyclist distracts student driver in Roy; car flips after hitting pole The power pole was sheared off at the base, I would say the driver was going slightly faster than the 30 MPH claimed. The cyclist was uninjured in the wreck.

Infrastructure! from CA as CalTrans tries to develop a smoother chip seal that retains the low cost and simplicity of chip seal while keeping the ride smooth for cyclists not riding the wheel tracks. California: Cyclists’ rough rides on Highway 1 might end smoothly I suggest a good place to start would be a smaller aggregate than the babyheads currently in use, although the roller over the shoulder of the road is also a good touch. Just as another suggestion, a topcoat to bind the aggregate to the road surface as well as the bottom coat that seals the road surface with traditional chip seal. I realize that we are getting further and further away from the traditional chip seal but still a long way from a regular repaving job.

Another CA infrastructure story. Road Safety For Cyclists Improving? Until they find a way to get cars off the roads cyclists will still be in danger from motor vehicles. But the suggestions will improve things slightly.

From Oz comes an article that has so much bias it reeks. Cyclists under fire over use of busy roads and motorways Nothing about the fact that 80% of the wrecks in Oz are the fault of the motor vehicle operator, just a lot of whining about bicycles being “in the way”.

Lifestyle of the itinerant cyclist. HERB BENHAM: Cycling through life keeping this rider alive At least he has disability, which puts him about $1k/month ahead of me.

Lifestyle from the UK. There is no war between motorists and cyclists I agree, there are very few people that like hot rods more than I do and I ride my bike everywhere.

And (finally) those are all the links that gave me fits today that I could put in this blog.

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