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Still getting a massive number of clicks, and the Feed

I’m not going to fib, I expected a few more clicks than normal when I started the contest, maybe a new record for site views, but I did not expect anything like what I got. Monday and so far today are equal to my record day before this week. Tuesday was almost FOUR TIMES THE PREVIOUS RECORD. I am happy that WordPress has huge bandwidth servers, because if this had been on a dinky low-bandwidth server like this blog was originally started on I would have gone through my monthly data allotment by the end of the day yesterday. Of course part of that is the image that is taking up way more bandwidth than my usual wall of text, but that does not even compare to the number of site views I got yesterday, I mean yesterday would have been a very nice WEEK from before.

And I have already gotten my first entry in the contest, from the founder of Cool Cat Studios herself, Giselle Lagace who submitted a very nice redhead on a unicycle done in the style of Archie comics (a company she now works for). I can’t show it for obvious reasons, but take my word for it, it’s cute and uses the shape of the scar as a frame so plus points for that. You still have lots of time to come up with your own design as the contest won’t close until June.

Well, I just opened the Feed folder to nothing but dead links, and UK links which might as well be dead for all the information they contain about the wrecks. Waiting for the afternoon Feed has resulted in one live link.

A Clovis CA rider is killed by a driverless car run amuck. Cyclist killed Tuesday morning in Clovis Have I mentioned how much I hate articles like this:”The cyclist was struck by a car around 5:30 a.m.” that make it seem like cars are a force of nature that can’t be prevented from killing people? It gets worse “…in the area that has become very popular with bike riders but can also be very dangerous.” It’s dangerous because people are letting their cars drive around unsupervised? Or because area drivers have no comprehension that cyclists are human beings that feel pain and are not there just to screw up their morning commute?

In India bicycle infrastructure takes a back seat to motor vehicles as it seems to have done in just about every Anglophone country leaving cyclists to fend as best they can. 2 cyclist killed on e-way in hit-and-run cases In spite of the fact that the majority of the people in the country walk, use transit, or ride a bike for all their transportation, motor vehicles are the only mode of “traffic” that gets taken into account when building transportation infrastructure. No Idea how to avoid these wrecks with the built infrastructure, but getting the infrastructure right would probably prevent wrecks like these as they would keep high-speed motor vehicles away from soft and fragile human beings.

And those are all the links that stayed live long enough to put them in the post. And if the tone of today’s post was a little volatile I have been reading a bunch of reports about pedestrian hit-and-runs, as well as people killed by cars driving on the sidewalks. It’s enough to make a guy want to get a rifle or bazooka and take out some cars before they take out tons of people. What keeps me from doing that is the knowledge that there are actual people inside those cars, most of whom don’t deserve to die. I’m sure some do, but I have no way of knowing which ones are which, so I don’t.

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