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Some stuff happened, and misdirection by the NY Times

Yes, something happened yesterday, some of it to people that were riding bicycles at the time. I won’t talk about religious people re-enacting the Crucifixion, and other things that make no sense except in a very tiny window of perception, because my own religious practices probably don’t make a lot of sense when looked at from outside the religion. To wit I have guidelines about when to grow and cut my beard that make perfect sense to people in my religion, and are utterly impenetrable to those outside unless a detailed explanation is given of the symbolism involved.

As to what the NYT is up to I have no idea of the reasons, but I do know the what. Biking While Intoxicated As I said about the original article, the methodology was highly suspect, as there was no lower limit for the level of alcohol just that there was alcohol “present”. Well I looked it up and 3% of the population have intestinal flora that give them a permanent BAC of just at .01%, and members of this population can be determined during autopsy by testing contents of the lower intestine for alcohol. For these people this is not an issue as they are accommodated to this level of alcohol and it has no effect on them. Not specifying the lower limit on the alcohol would include these people as well and many more who would not be impaired by their levels of alcohol.

In what appears to be a SWCC wreck, the driver of a motorhome hits a cyclist hard enough to rip the bicycle in half. Greensburg cyclist struck, killed by motor home in Hempfield First of all an 86 YO man driving a vehicle the size of a city bus is just bad, second why LEO continue to believe they guy sitting with a smoking gun (damaged vehicle) with a corpse is a reliable witness I’ll never know. Anyway assuming the report is in fact correct and the rider was going the wrong way on a one-way street at a high rate of speed (for a bicycle) and pulled in front of the RV, the way to avoid this situation is to stop at intersections with major roads to determine if the way is clear.

From Jolly Olde comes 2 reports on wrecks where infrastructure is blamed. Calls for safety measures after cyclist’s crash death and Woman becomes latest cyclist killed on roads I find it interesting that when a cyclist is killed in the UK the official hue and cry is for more infrastructure spending, and helmets. Even if the victim dies from massive blunt trauma to the thorax, there is a cry for helmets, if not by public officials then by commenters on the web site. Lady gets run over by a cement mixer, at least one person is going to blame a lack of a helmet.

And that’s it for today, I’m going for a ride in the sun.

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