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Grocery day Mule duties minus a bike with cargo capacity, and the Feed

I am not looking forward to what I have to do today, which is hike a mile up the street to the local grocery store with my ALICE ruck, buy groceries, and hike the mile back from the store with those groceries on my back. That was the main reason I built Gigi back so long ago, and why as soon as I could get the stuff I put the kitty litter buckets on Blue. That walk or ride back from the store with the groceries on my back is a bit rough.

A NC rider is run down from behind within sight of his home and witnessed by his loved ones. Family watches as cyclist killed in Littleton hit-and-run Hit-from-behind but the cyclist had very little warning of the wreck, just a “whoosh” and a bang as he was hit. Infrastructure to prevent including making a fatal hit-and-run a capital crime like Murder in TX or Murder 2 in other states, life in prison but no death penalty. And a mandatory lifetime ban on driving and prison if caught driving after a hit-and-run or DUI ban.

Another kind of incident that cyclists are subject to that drivers and others aren’t because they are “in the cage”. Police: Juggalo accused in bicyclist’s stabbing Now first off I’m not going to blame all fans of ICP for what this guy did. That would make as much sense as blaming all Christians for the Westboro Baptist Church of Fred Phelps. But we on bicycles are only slightly less vulnerable to homicidal maniacs like this than your average pedestrian, and even more when we are stopped for a traffic signal.

Yet another worthless gadget to distract drivers in the name of “safety” alerts drivers of pedestrians and cyclists in the road. Qualcomm develops system to avoid pedestrians, cyclists There is nothing in the article that states how they detect cyclists and pedestrians, I suspect they’re using the GPS ping from cell phones. If so that leaves out the people that don’t have a celly or deliberately leave it at home when they take a walk or go for a ride.

Infrastructure! news from the Capitol (DC). AT LAST! FEDS MOVE TOWARD A GREEN LIGHT FOR SEPARATED BIKE LANES I think the headline carries the story forward…

Proof that riding a bicycle really does render a person invisible, Beyoncé rode a bike through NYC to a concert she was headlining and nobody noticed. Gets It: Beyoncé Bikes to Barclays

And the latest UK Twitter Twit has stirred up a mighty storm. It’s only a joke Now they are comparing making jokes about hitting cyclists to making rape jokes.

And this might help us Texas cyclists during the Dog Days (or Dawg Daze) of summer. My personal preference is a chasseur to cover the back of my neck like the French Foreign Legion in North Africa.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today. I should mention that I did another split posting today, part of the links were added after I made the trip to the grocery store, in 102°F heat. And I think it has been pretty well established that by the weak standards of most Texans I’m nearly certifiable.

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