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Look! I’m doing my snake impression, and the Feed

OK I think I got a confused “Wha’…?” out of that one but it’s simple really. I got sunburned, blistered really. The next step in the progression is the injured skin comes off, usually in large chunks except on my face and scalp where it just kinda flakes away. Somewhat like a snake shedding its skin… Snake impression, get it? Oh well they can’t all be zircons, there will always be a few bits of badly cut glass in amongst the gems.

“Good” news from the southern part of TX. Police: More bicyclists, pedestrians getting killed on San Antonio streets When you add more cyclists (and I presume pedestrians) to a mix that has people riding around in light armored vehicles that can withstand driving into a concrete wall at 35 MPH and everybody be able to open the nearest door and walk away from inside the vehicle, you get what is essentially people that don’t really care too much surrounded by “soft targets”.

That cab driver is facing additional sanctions after international attention was focused on the minute penalties he faced. Cab Driver in Midtown Crash Facing License Suspension So he might not be able to drive a cab for a while, maybe. And most of the Feed today is the same links I put up about this scum yesterday.

A slightly confusing blotter report from PA. Sentinel police log for Aug. 21One person was injured in a crash on Mountain Road, South Middleton Township, at 6:05 p.m. Aug. 20. Police said Eugene R. Deimler, 36, of Enola, was riding a bicycle and failed to stop for a 1998 Dodge Ram, driven by David R. Martin, 69, of Boiling springs, which was stopped in the 500 block. Deimler was taken to Harrisburg Hospital by Yellow Breeches EMS for moderate injury” OK the incident was mid-block and the cyclist failed to stop for the stopped pickup truck, so how did the wreck happen? Did the cyclist run into the back of the truck? absent some kind of statement about who hit whom where this report makes pretty close to no sense.

Hit-from-behind in MD. Annapolis High assistant coach killed after bicycle, van collide in Davidsonville Not much I can say about this one, protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

An IL cyclist is run down in the street. 71-year-old bicyclist injured in Rockford auto accident OK if the narrative is accurate then the cyclist ran the stop sign before getting run down in the street. Intersection protocols include stopping and yielding to cross traffic when your street has a stop sign . Infrastructure might have helped get the old guy away from what appears to be a highway through a residential area.

What appears to be a case of riding two on a single-rider bike turns tragic. UPDATE: Counselors at school after teen dies from crash injuries The narrative indicates she jumped from a BMX bike but the other rider was not hit. That, to me, sounds like the victim was riding on the pegs on the back of the bike and went the wrong way when she bailed out on the ride. The only thing I can see to avoid a wreck like this is not to ride on the pegs of a BMX bike unless you are the only one on the bike and you’re doing a peg stand of some kind as part of a trick, and you are someplace away from traffic. So that would be infrastructure, too.

A NV cyclist is killed in a SWSS wreck. Man struck, killed by vehicle while riding bicycle in Las Vegas The picture of the wrecked bicycle still trapped under the front wheel of the weapon vehicle does not look like the cyclist was “Swerving” from the sidewalk unless the vehicle was a lot closer to the curb than it appears in the picture. The physics of the bike swerving to the left and the car parked on the left side of the rear wheel are just all wrong. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and infrastructure to prevent.

A CA wreck that has me very angry. Man hurt in hit-and-run near Livingston The driver of the weapon vehicle knows they done screwed up, but now that he’s sober if he turns himself in he faces a minor fine and maybe a couple months loss of license. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid, get the infrastructure right to prevent. And crush and shred vehicles used in hit-and-runs as part of that infrastructure. If the victim survives let them pull the switch or someone in their family.

From Enn Zed that driver who pulled into a line of cyclists when he ran out of room to pass them has plead guilty. A motorist who hit a group of cyclists, killing one and serious injuring two, has admitted three driving charges over the incident. He should count himself luck to not be facing criminal charges that can carry serious prison time. I’m just hoping for a lifetime ban on driving as well as a permanent injunction that if he’s ever caught driving again he’s jailed on illegal possession of a deadly weapon charges.

Infrastructure! news from the UK. Major Bolton road made safer for cyclists They’re going to put some paint down… Yay? I mean seriously cyclists are getting left hooked regularly there so putting down some paint that will be ignored by drivers and LEO alike will just get more cyclists killed and injured.

And those are all the links that gave me fits about bicycles.

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