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Mule Day duty averted for the moment, and the Feed

Yep, I managed to get out of having to carry the groceries home on my back today because Mrs. the Poet decided to go to lunch with her boss and the mother of a co-worker that died during the summer break. That also means I’m out of milk, but I think I can get to the store by myself and get a half-gallon of milk. Something else that falls under the “interesting” banner is I will be going to a chiropractor for the back pain caused by my short leg. For those new to the blog one of the things that went wrong after the wreck is I somehow managed to lose about a cm from my left leg that was already about 6-7mm shorter than the right. This was enough to completely put my spine out of whack even with a lifted left shoe. What I hope the chiropractic treatment will do is put my spine back in alignment so the muscles trying to hold up my back when it’s all twisted will stop complaining about the strain.

Just north of WoaB World HQ a cyclist is hit from behind by a driver driving blind. Sulphur Man Dies After being Struck by Car While Riding Bike Notice the narrative, the driver could not see what was on the road in front of him but didn’t slow down until after he hit the cyclist. That is a violation of the Basic Speed Law. Anyway, hit from behind protocols to avoid or mitigate damages, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

A wreck in CA where the DA prosecutes people that kill on a bike 100% but prosecutes people that kill cyclists less than 10%. Woman on Bike Killed by Truck Driver on Folsom: Charges Off the Table? I’m not even sure of the mode as LEO has not yet released their report, but the woman was run over in an intersection while riding in the bike lane. So, that makes intersection protocols the way to avoid or mitigate damages and get the infrastructure right to prevent the wreck. Update Bicyclist killed in SoMa crash with truck The wreck was a right hook but the cyclist was hit completely from behind with no chance of avoiding the wreck. and Bicyclist Killed In Collision With Big Rig In San Francisco SoMa and Bicyclist killed in collision; another strikes pedestrian also Cyclist Killed in Big Rig Collision

Update on a CA wreck with a surprising turn. Driver who killed Dublin cyclist charged with murder Apparently the driver invited people to come with him on a “death ride” and prosecutors are using that as evidence of intent to kill someone, hence the murder charge. Mrs. the Poet says that the driver needs to be in jail for “being stupid” and doing 83 in a 40 zone.

More on that cyclist left-crossed in CO. Cyclist Killed In Semi Crash Identified and CSP: Driver failed to yield in Valmont Road collision that killed cyclist, 62 Apparently now they are saying the truck made the left turn without stopping first and leaving the cyclist no time to avoid the wreck. His riding companion just managed to dodge the wreck at this point it has been released she was riding behind the victim and she missed being involved in the wreck by inches or less.

An AZ wreck with little information aside from being a hit-and-run and fatal. Hit-and-run driver kills bicyclist in Mesa; suspect on the loose Gigi got there first and “corrected” the headline in the comments section. And now that I can see the full text (which took several minutes to load) the wreck mode was hit-from-behind in the bike lane on a relatively straight stretch of road in broad daylight. This sounds like a homicide to me. Also the cyclist was riding an adult upright tricycle that could not easily dodge out of the way like a bicycle.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

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