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After I finish this I get to work on the fill-in bike, and the Feed

I have procured required parts to place one of the “parts bikes” in my garage back into service for limited transportation. I actually have several complete bikes that have been donated to use in building the outrageous creations I sometimes build and at least one of them is ridable with adjustments and filling the tires, and installing a seat that is not torture to my damaged backside (and I’m still trying to figure out what happened that I can’t sit on a regular bike saddle anymore). Also since a considerable amount of riding is at night the fill-in bike needs to be lighted (and the OE reflectors left in place or re-installed). I have a seat that is super-comfy and will be installed on the bike that is being built (as soon as I can get the metal) but can be installed on any bike in the meantime. So after I get done with this post I will be swapping seats and installing lights and pumping tires.

The only live bicycle link I have at the moment is the arrest of the drunk driver that killed a cyclist, injured 2 more, and destroyed a parked car and a nearby building, all in the same wreck. Driver of truck involved in fatal bicycle crash arrested The driver was drunk in that under the conditions of the license he held at the time of the wreck any detectable alcohol (legally 0.01%BAC) would be a violation and subject him to prosecution. The actual level of alcohol in the driver’s system was not released, only that it was above the lower limit specified on his conditional license. In addition the driver may have been having a medical incident immediately prior to the wreck which will complicate matters in court. Or not as the alcohol may override the medical condition’s contribution to the wreck.

OK so now I get to work on my fill-in bike to make it useful as transportation.

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Running late after running errands, and the Feed

I had to go do some banking this morning and buy a headlight/taillight for the fill-in bike I’m going to be riding until I get my new bike built. Nothing like standing waiting for a bus in 103°F temperatures and 107 heat index. I think I burned my butt on the bench placed at the bus stop.

Another CA cyclist killed in a SWSS wreck. Cyclist From San Francisco Fatally Struck Near Calistoga Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Part of that infrastructure should be one of the two 3-foot to pass laws that Gov Moonbeam vetoed in the last 3 years.

Another terrible wreck in CA. Police searching for hit-and-run driver who hit cyclist No mention of mode or wreck location, but really how much can you do for a hit-and-run? Infrastructure might prevent another wreck. More Fremont Police Seek Hit-And-Run Driver Who Critically Injured A Cyclist

Update on the bus wreck that injured 3 cyclists in Pendleton. Cyclist killed in Pendleton crash a husband, father And now we know the cyclists were hit when the bus merged too soon after attempting to make a pass. Not sure if oncoming traffic forced the bus driver to move over or if the driver just horribly misjudged the distance needed to pass 3 cyclists. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Since this was on a military base I would suggest using snipers to take out vehicles seen threatening vulnerable road users. It would be excellent counter-terrorism training.

A wreck that has “missing information” written all over it. Bicyclist Suffers Head Injuries in Crash With AT&T Truck The cyclist was passing a beer truck parked in the center median, which begs the question “Why did the cyclist pass on the left when there was a lane to the right?” Seriously, what was in the right lane?

They caught the driver that launched a cyclist over a guardrail to an 80 foot drop from an overpass in FL. Tate Grad Killed In Tampa Hit And Run Wreck There was a traffic camera recording the scene and a paint chip that was matched to the weapon vehicle. And as was noted in an earlier article the cyclist was hit about 2 feet into the shoulder of the overpass, but you can see the impact marks from the rear wheel of the bike are about a foot to the left of center on the front of the weapon vehicle. That to me indicates purpose in the death. The wreck would have been completely unavoidable by a human cyclist (and why a superhero would ride a bike I have no idea) and without a barrier separating the cyclist from homicidal maniacs behind the controls of uber-deadly weapons I don’t see that infrastructure as we build it here in the US could have helped any either.

More death from the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike for 9 years running. Bicyclist hit and killed in Ponte Vedra Beach Hit-from-behind in the bike lane and one of the first things discussed was the cyclist’s lack of helmet. Anyway the cyclist was hit in the bike lane so in my book the driver is at fault, protocols to avoid and get the legal infrastructure right to prevent.

Intersection wreck in VA. Driver, cyclist collide in northeast Roanoke As the cyclist was not immediately blamed for running a red light or stop sign in this wreck I would say there is better than even odds the driver of the weapon vehicle is at fault in this wreck. Intersection wreck but I can’t say that the protocols would have been of any use in this wreck, nor can I state that changes to the infrastructure would help. If the wreck is as I suspect it is, nothing the cyclist could have dome would have prevented the wreck and changed infrastructure would have just been something else for the driver to ignore.

Nasty wreck in PA. Police identify bicyclist killed Wednesday in Bensalem The wreck appears to be a crossing type wreck, intersection protocols to avoid and as the wreck was on private property just be alert.

A serious wreck in IN. SUV crashes into bicycles, seriously injuring 2 central Indiana children The driver was believed to be drunk at the time of the wreck. If she does turn out to be drunk this should be charged as an attempted murder if the kids survive, or murder straight up if they die. Nothing the kids could have done to avoid this, and I don’t know that infrastructure would have prevented it unless the infrastructure was something that prevented drunks from being able to drive. More 2 juvenile bicycle riders remain in Indianapolis hospitals and SUV crashes into bicycles, 2 Ind. children injured From the later links we find out the kids were about as far from the road as they could get, meaning they were already in their escape zone when they were hit.

Another IN wreck with really low-information. Cyclist struck by Jeep on Northside They don’t even know if the victim was an adult, so I really can’t say how to avoid or prevent the wreck.

A wreck in ID that has me a bit puzzled. Woman dies, bike fell into path of dump truck and UPDATE: Officials identify woman killed in bicycle crash The updated second link resolved my questions as the cyclist was riding in a bike lane next to the dump truck when both stopped to allow a pedestrian to cross. When the pedestrian completed crossing the cyclist and the dump truck both began moving and the cyclist’s starting wobbles took her under the truck. I can state that maybe if the cyclist waited until the truck had cleared it’s possible she would not have wrecked, but the fact that a cyclist did not have enough room in the bike lane to make startup wobbles tells me the infrastructure was deficient in some manner, either too narrow or too much garbage on the outside of the bike lane.

A WA wreck case slowly winds down as the driver pleads guilty. Guilty plea to vehicular homicide in Kirkland hit-and-run that killed bicyclist And once again it is proven that the perfect weapon to use for a murder is a motor vehicle. Gun or knife = Life or worse, use a car = 18 months. More Guilty plea in fatal Kirkland hit-and-run and Driver pleads guilty in deadly 2011 collision with bicyclist

Update on the wreck in ME that injured 3 cyclists riding on 2 bikes and knocked a house off its foundation. Father hit on bike dies from injuries Yeah, I hate that kind of news, too. Kid might not make it either. More Driver who hit bicyclists had been drinking, police say

A MA wreck gets blamed on the kid when the driver was not driving according to conditions. UPDATE: No tickets issued after 7-year-old hit by SUV while riding bike The kid was riding in a residential area, the driver should have been alert for the presence of children playing in the street. Intersection protocols to avoid and as the wreck was in a residential are the only infrastructure that needs changing is making drivers at fault for hitting kids in a residential area.

LEO in the Great White North are still trying to identify the victim of a bike/bus wreck. Cyclist still unidentified in fatal South Shore bike crash Please consider something like dog tags if you’re poor or cheap (not that these are exclusive) or Road ID if you have the money. More Police identify mystery cyclist killed by bus along highway

And another case where the cyclist survived but they don’t know who hit him. Police continue hunt for hit-and-run minivan after cyclist left injured on University Avenue in Waterloo From the described injuries and the lack of further debris I would say the only thing that actually made contact with the cyclist was the mirror, which probably is the reason why he’s still alive. Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid or mitigate damage, and get the infrastructure right to prevent.

Another updated story from the far West Canuckistan. Local cyclist killed on Highway 97, RCMP continue investigation They’re still working on the assumption the cyclist was hit-and-run before the Mazda showed on the scene…

A rare link from the UK, a driver denies driving blind in one breath and admits it in the next. Death crash driver denies ‘driving blind’ How can you deny driving blind, and then admit you didn’t see the person you killed with your vehicle on a clear day while driving a straight stretch of road? Hit-from-behind protocols to avoid and get the infrastructure right to prevent. Part of that infrastructure is putting this idiot driver behind bars and banning from driving for life (not “5 years and reapply” life, FOREVER). More Lock-keeper denies causing death by dangerous driving

A cyclist that was hit by a bus is being blamed for the death of a bus rider who was knocked from his feet in the wreck. Breaking news: Passenger dies of injuries after bus performs emergency stop to avoid cyclist I’m still trying to wrap my head around the asymmetry of the situation, a cyclist gets hit but is blamed for the injuries of a passenger and criminally charged, but the driver that hits a cyclist seldom faces any charges at all…TANJ!

A wreck in SA leaves a cyclist dead from massive blunt trauma to the lower torso (take that helmet nazis). Cyclist’s family appeal for witnesses The cyclist was hit by a truck that had left the road as he came to an intersection, not the kind of wreck a mere human cyclist could have avoided. And as the driver of the weapon vehicle appeared to not be in control of the vehicle I don’t know what a human cyclist could have done to avoid it.

A wreck in Oz leaves a cyclist in serious condition. Cyclist seriously injured in collision with car I place some of the blame on Anglophone cyclepath design that places motor vehicle traffic movement above the safety and convenience of cyclists. The rest should be intersection protocol to avoid or mitigate damage and get that infrastructure right to prevent, which includes intersections between bike paths and motor vehicle traffic.

A driver in Enn Zed appears to have some remorse and responsibility for the wreck he caused. Driver who killed Hamilton cyclist named He was trying to plead guilty but was not allowed because of some judicial SNAFU. More Driver to plead guilty over death of cyclist

Infrastructure! news from AL. Montgomery Looks At Bike Safety After Cyclist Death Once again proving the possibility of death by bad infrastructure is not enough to get the infrastructure changed, you must have the actuality of death by bad infrastructure (sometimes repeated death) before anything gets done.

Infrastructure news from the UK. Protect cyclists, say family of ex GP killed in crash on Archway road

I don’t know how to classify this report. Justin Robinson Pleads Guilty To Killing Autumn Pasquale The girl was pulled off her bike for unknown reasons and strangled. The fact that she was riding her bike in this case was simple happenstance.

And those are all the links that gave me fits this evening. Sad note from my church, a member died in a traffic wreck while chasing squirrels. Sophie, out “Greeter” dog was enjoying Pagan Fellowship Night when at least one squirrel crossed her vision and she gave chase into the street where she was hit by a car. Sophie suffered massive damage to her right front leg and died during surgery to repair it. May your journey to the Summerlands be pleasant and may you find many squirrels to chase but not catch.

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