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Still hurts and the Feed

If you get squicked by descriptions of illness or injury you might want to skip to the next paragraph. My sunburned scalp is actually more painful now than it was yesterday, and I have oozing… things on top of my head now. I think I might have blisters but there are no raised bubbles, it’s just oozing and making scabs. Oh yeah and hurting. And this is coming from a guy that pulled his own teeth with a pair of pliers (but the roots broke off so I had to go to a dentist anyway). Seriously this really is uncomfortable most of the time and every so often it just flat out hurts. I guess that will teach me about going out without a hat on my head. I don’t have the hair any more to keep the sun from my scalp.

On a happier note to go with the report I got on Facebook that Blue had been seen near my church last week Garland PD has sent me a note that more than 2 weeks after it was submitted they have the report on file and it is being investigated.

The kid killed in MA was supposedly at fault in the wreck. Police decide not to bring charges against driver in death of 16-year-old Wellfleet bicyclist I mean since the kid wasn’t wearing the Magic Styrofoam Hat™ it must have been his fault he got hit, right? At least that’s the way this link reads.

A NM cyclist has died after a hit-and-run from this update. Bicyclist dies days after hit-and-run; Crime Stoppers doubles reward for information

And on the same update note, a NV cyclist hit with a pickup truck has died from his injuries. Bicyclist injured in Fernley crash dies Nothing more on the wreck, but the fact that LEO are not blaming the cyclist gives me hope that the operator of the weapon vehicle might be on the receiving end of Justice for killing a vulnerable road user.

A wreck in East Canuckistan that reads almost like a UK wreck report. Cyclist Injured After Being Struck by Vehicle in MacGregor At this point LEO have not released the full report, so to avoid be careful…

A UK wreck that is almost impossible to prevent. Cyclist seriously injured after being hit by loose overhead electric cable This would be functionally like the booby traps that get set frequently in the UK to maim and kill cyclists on bike paths. Cyclists are looking down at the street for pavement defects, trash, loose gravels and sand, and oh yes motor vehicles, not up for things strung across the road. Until the actual roads are safe to ride on this kind of thing will be able to “take out” a cyclist.

It’s Spring in Oz and that means cyclists are facing an additional traffic hazard besides the idiots in cars. Magpie Map: Carindale cyclist injured by swooping magpie near the corner of Winstanley and Fimiston streets See that UK article about not having enough eyes to watch the roads and what’s above the roads to avoid all the obstacles.

And those are all the links that gave me fits today, so here’s one that didn’t (you’re welcome 😉 )

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