Personal views on the NCTCOG public meeting

I won’t bore you with the mountains of minutia from the meeting (one handout had 41 pages of small print), but I will relate what happened during the part of the Q and A session that followed the formal presentation.

I had the first questions so I asked if there were any plans about what will happen when the oil runs out and the current domination of the private motor vehicle as the transportation mode of choice has to change. After 5 minutes of verbiage the answer boiled down to “no”. I also asked about the Veloweb, a system of limited access bikeways like the current highway system that surrounds and permeates the Metromess that has been in planning for at least 20 years, but as of yet is only a few isolated trails. My third question was about the inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian facilities in current projects.

Well the answers to the last 2 questions were interesting. Basically while highways for cars are funded by the state and federal governments, highways for bicycles and pedestrians are solely the responsibility of local governments, which is why the Veloweb is not getting built. As for bike and pedestrian facilities, well you can’t just make people give up their cars, nobody could live then. I kid you not, those were his exact words, the reason why we don’t have bicycle and pedestrian access is that if we did then people would have to give up their cars. That’s right, pe the logic used by the guy running the meeting (whose name I will withhold to protect his privacy) if we put in bicycle and pedestrian facilities then people will have to stop driving their cars, because you can’t have both. !? I don’t know what this guy was on, but I don’t want any part of it. What I do want is a transportation system that takes all forms of transportation into account, feet, bicycles, cars, buses, and big trucks. Right now only the last 3 are included, to the detriment of us all.

Billed @$.50 (it was a long ride to the meeting), Opus

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