Still putting things back together after vacation, and the Feed

Well things are still getting back to what can be loosely called “normal” around here. I have another visit to the Lab Rat Keeper tomorrow followed by a church meeting to plan our Lughnassad/Lammas service for next Sunday, but the main service will be the local Sumerian group on the Saturday night before. My shoulder-soaking gig with the widow woman has been put on hold as she tries to patch up her relationship with her boyfriend, so that’s a free breakfast out the window (for now). I’m still working on that frame design for the T-bucket, dealing with “The Devil” part now (old saying about the devil being in the details, I’m figuring out the details now). I had an interesting experience after I finished mowing the grass yesterday, I removed my belt and then my jeans without undoing the snap on my jeans, just wiggled my butt and off they fell. Time to get new “skinny clothes”?

Up first a horrific equipment failure and crash in OR. Cyclist, 71, injured after crashing under semi Note that this was not a hooking maneuver crash, the cyclist had a wheel collapse and fell under the semi-trailer to the left of the bike lane. There is no way that something like this can be predicted and avoided by the cyclist and infrastructure is likewise pretty useless to prevent it except that good infrastructure generally does not place cyclists next to large trucks without a barrier. Looking at this picture you can see there is no right-side handlebar on the bike, just a broken stub visible at the aerobar. If that was what caused the wheel collapse the cyclist had absolutely zero chance of controlling the bike to avoid the wreck. More Bicyclist hospitalized after crashing into Vancouver truck driver’s trailer and Bike rider seriously hurt in collision with semi

The kind of wreck a cyclist can’t avoid. Man arrested on charges of shooting bicyclist to death This death would not be included in making FL the most deadliest state in the US to walk or ride a bike. But you just can’t dodge a bullet, Mythbusters proved that a while back MythBusters: Dodge a Bullet

The levels of wrongness in this wreck just leap off the scale. 11-year-old bicyclist hurt in collision with SUV driven by 15-year-old at Gardiner campground Intersection wreck, use the protocols to avoid. Keep under-aged people from driving to prevent. Seriously, this wreck should have never happened had the “parent” of the driver been a responsible adult and either made the kid walk or ride a bike to do whatever errand he was sent on, or if the vehicle was required (like for a parking permit or some other reason) then the “parent” should have been there doing it.

A PA wreck that may be infrastructure-related. Woman injured in fall from bicycle The bike ended up in a grassy field near the Cumberland Valley rail-trail.

Update on a cyclist left-crossed in Seattle. Bicyclist critically hurt Thursday expected to make full recovery I’m assuming “full recovery” means the driver or their insurance is picking up the tab for all medical expenses, rehab, and lost income due to being away from work.

A serious wreck in the Great White North. Cyclist killed in Ajax, hit by a truck Nothing on the mode or location yet, just a gawd-awful wreck. From the picture of the crime scene it looks like either a right-hook or the driver just ran the cyclist over from behind.

A wreck with a surviving cyclist in the Great White North. Cyclist seriously injured in Montreal North collision Intersection wreck but no mention of who was running the red light at the intersection. Somebody did and the fact that the media outlet did not immediately blame the cyclist makes me think that there is better than even odds the driver did. Intersection protocols includes being aware of drivers running traffic controls, to avoid. Get the infrastructure right to prevent.

From the UK an act of terrorism against a bike ride. Hit and runs reported at London Critical Mass ride + VIDEO Make that several acts of terrorism.

A deadly wreck in Oz. Two killed in separate crashes The motor vehicle fatality was well documented, the cyclist fatality is still under investigation and LEO have not released their report.

Infrastructure! news from Jolly Olde. Big Read: Dicing with death on Cycle Superhighway, CS2, from Tower Hamlets to Newham

How to prevent motor vehicle deaths. LEGISLATING FOR REAL ROAD SAFETY License bans for inadvertent infractions, jail or prison for deliberate infractions leading to death.

And the “Duh!” article of the month if not the year. Car-bike collisions in Ohio often result in injured cyclists On other news rain is wet and a cloudless sky is a pale blue.

Last link is a chance to win a Pedego e-assist bike. E-Bike News: Benelli E-Bikes, Win a Pedego, Rubbee Friction Drive, & More! [VIDEOS]

And those are all the links that gave me fits today.

Billed @€0.02, Opus

2 responses to “Still putting things back together after vacation, and the Feed

  1. My bias, documented at , leads me to conclude the best way to keep people like that 71 year-old safe is simply to restrict him to indoor bike trainers. Really, tri bars on a public road with regular traffic? Isn’t that a lot like running your top fuel dragster down Houston Street in downtown Fort Worth?


    • Opus the Poet

      Actually aerobars and any loss of control compared to regular handlebars are not the problem here as it looks like he was in the drops when his carbon fiber handlebar failed. And how are you going to learn to ride with aerobars unless you ride with aerobars? I wouldn’t put aerobars in the same category as a dragster, I would put them in the same category as those ridiculously skinny tires they put on some economy cars that have almost no grip in the pursuit of low rolling resistance and aero drag. And I know what that sounds like when compared to most road bike tires…


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