Still plugging along after visiting the lab rat keeper

Went to see the lab rat keeper this morning, and I’m doing good back on my maintenance medication, which has the beneficial side effect of keeping the swelling and pain and associated side effects controlled in my damaged leg. I’m taking Azor 10/40 and I don’t feel anywhere near this good on anything else. One of the component medications is a vasodilator and that’s what keeps my leg closer to “normal” whatever that is 😉

Up first is another wreck in Phoenix AZ. Bicyclist Killed in Deadly Crash Like the cyclist would be killed in a warm, cuddly crash? Cyclist killed near Queen Creek My backchannel tells me this was a hit-from-behind wreck, but nothing about why, only that drugs or alcohol were not involved for either operator. At this point I can’t even say that standard hit-from-behind avoidance procedures would have even made a difference. For those new to my blog: standard hit-from-behind procedure is have and use mirror(s) to keep one eye on what’s behind you while still watching where you’re going, plan an escape route and keep updating it as you ride along, and be ready to either bail to your escape route, or off the bicycle completely and let the bike inflict as much damage to the other vehicle as possible.

And another genius shows him(her?)self on the roads in Toledo OH. Toledo cyclist killed in hit and run and Cyclist killed in hit-and-run on Bancroft At this point all they have is the body in the street and a broken and bent bicycle in the not too near vicinity. Beyond that whatever they know they’re not telling the media. And that includes me. (yay! I’m Media now)

And in the same location as a previous fatal wreck, another cyclist is injured in CO. Bicyclist injured at same location of previous fatal bike accident Looking in Google Street View you can see a bike lane with unobstructed sight lines, wide motor vehicle lanes, and no reason to run over a cyclist in the bike lane. At this point I don’t know if this was a right hook or a left cross, or just a case of a driver not seeing a cyclist as “traffic” before pulling out.

A typical UK wreck report on a dead cyclist. Cyclist killed in Parkway car smash From the comments section and the picture it doesn’t look like the best place to be riding a bicycle, but it’s far from the worst.

The Emerald Isle (not Oz) has multiple reports on a cyclist killed. Cyclist killed in Dublin city crash and Cyclist (51) killed in Dublin crash Since Irish laws are very similar to UK laws, we know as much about this wreck as we know about any unadjudicated UK wreck.

And a wreck in Oz hits another cyclist from behind. Cyclist killed in road crash OK for this one we know following proper hit-from-behind protocol would have prevented this wreck. The driver paying attention to where she was driving would have helped as well.

Infrastructure discussions about bicycles in South Korea. Cyclists vs motorists The government plans to reduce the number of cars hitting bicycles, somehow.

They has a great time riding bicycles outside Folsom CA. Cyclebration Races Off to a Great Start Go, us!

And I see this as a boon for commuters more than MTB riders. Mavic Magnetic Bicycle Pedals If they can make the shoes look like regular work shoes then commuters will ride these by the millions.

And that’s the whole mess.

Billed @$.02, Opus

4 responses to “Still plugging along after visiting the lab rat keeper

  1. The Toledo hit and run looks like it happened early in the morning. I am not saying the cyclist was at fault but I think the risk of getting hit at 3:30AM on a bike is very high. I would never ride at that time – even with lights. I am a recreational rider but I am very conscious about evaluating the risks every time I get on a bike and try not to ride when the perceived risk is too high.


    • But if one extends the logic on that then what was the driver doing out at 0330? You could quite easily fault the driver for being out at that time rather than blaming the victim. This is the same mentality that says a woman out after midnight is asking to be raped. No, she’s not, and the time the cyclist is riding should have no bearing on findings of fault. Some people have to be at work very early and have legitimate reasons for being on the roads at 0330, some people get off work very late and likewise have legitimate reasons for being on the roads @ 0330.


  2. Opus, you consistently emphasize the question “what could you, as a cyclist, do to avoid this?” in reference to all the other wrecks on this blog.

    You say “use a mirror, keep your head on a swivel, have an escape route, and prepare to bail” in reference to hit-from-behind accidents. Nobody is claiming that the hit-from-behinds are the cyclists’ fault, but of course we want to avoid them!

    There’s a tricky tension between not wanting to blame the victim, to keep a focus on the fault of the true perpetrator, and yet still be able to advise victims “how can you avoid becoming a statistic?” Advocates for the victim class seem reluctant to address the latter question, because it strays too close to actually blaming the victims and may prevent significant societal change. Unfortunately, in the meantime, lots of individual members of that class get maimed.

    So I don’t think the suggestion “try to avoid riding at 0330” is completely out of line.

    However. Any suggestion that the best way to avoid a cycling injury is to avoid cycling, kind of misses the point. So I do think that it’s too extreme, especially since there is ample reason to suspect that this victim was

    (a) lit. Three sheets to the wind. Tipsy. Schnockered. It was 3 AM on a Sunday and he borrowed a bike?
    (b) unlit. It was a borrowed bike, not a planned event, and most people don’t have lights unless they actually plan to ride after dark. This is why German law requires all bicycles to have lights — because sometimes, unexpected things happen.
    (c) unhelmeted. It was a borrowed bike.

    So here’s the $64K question. How can we shine a light on “what mistakes do people make and die as a consequence” without always blaming the dead guys instead of the live ones?


    • Since there was no mention of whether the bike had lights or not, and we all know how the MSM loves to blame wrecks on a lack of lights even during the daytime, I’m going to say the bike had lights or at least a legal amount of reflectors. There was no indication in the article that the victim was intoxicated. The only evidence you have for the victim in this case to be intoxicated is supposition because he was out at 0330 on a Sunday on a borrowed bike. He was killed by a hit-and-run driver, hit-and-run pretty much establishes the at-fault person to be the one behind the wheel.

      But in response to “So here’s the $64K question. How can we shine a light on “what mistakes do people make and die as a consequence” without always blaming the dead guys instead of the live ones?” I do what I can to say how to avoid the idiots and protect yourself, but I never shy away from blaming a driver if I feel justified about it. That’s about the best we can do.


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