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Yes I have a little extra electronics for the day, I’m hooked up to an ABPM, or Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor that is taking my BP automatically ever few minutes and recording it. This is not a new sensation for me, as this is a common thing to do when either a new drug or a new combination of drugs is being tested, to see how often the patient must be redosed to control blood pressure within safe levels, and to test that the medication doesn’t cause a sudden extreme drop in blood pressure that moderates quickly to a more normal level. BP medications that do this can still be used, sometimes by changing the time of day the drug is taken, or by combining it with a different drug that lowers BP for a longer period of time but that doesn’t act very quickly to begin with. Of the meds I’m testing this time, one has lowering BP as a side effect of its original use, and they’re trying to get it approved as a BP med for “on label” use so it can be bought under insurance drug plans. That’s me, helping make the world safe for capitalism and incidentally making people healthier while I do it… 😛

Up first because it’s local, a cyclist trying to catch a bus has the bus catch him instead. DART bus runs over, kills cyclist A little more information would have been helpful, like was the cyclist on the street or in the sidewalk were other people involved… All I can say for now is to not ride facing traffic and not fall over in front of buses.

Over in the West Coast, LEO think the hit-an-run against a cyclist competing in a citizen’s bicycle race was an intentional assault with a deadly weapon. Driver Still At Large At this time authorities are asking for any helmet camera video or stills of vehicles that match the description of the hit-and-run, acting in a manner that might be interpreted as threatening or assaulting or attempting to assault. Actually I think ALL hit-and-run against a cyclist should be treated as assault or attempted murder if the cyclist lives and manslaughter or murder if the cyclist dies. As for how to avoid a similar wreck you can’t. This driver was apparently practising before he hit the cyclist, and when somebody decides they’re going to kill a cyclist, or at least hurt one really bad, there isn’t much hope for the cyclist except maybe an attack of conscience on the part of the driver or his passengers.

Still in California, a guy gets hurt riding a bicycle. Cyclist hurt in crash Could they get any less informative and still use complete words?

LEO in IL are still trying to decide if a cyclist’s injuries are the result of falling off the bike or somebody sideswiping her and knocking her off the bike. Police search for clues about injured cyclist Apparently it’s real hard to tell the difference between a sideswipe that doesn’t make full contact and just falling off the bike unless someone sees it. Whichever it is I hope the cyclist recovers soonest and that if there was a hit-and-run the driver gets caught and properly punished for his or her misdeeds.

The toxicology screens have finally been released on the driver that pinballed into a group of cyclists in a southern suburb of Salt Lake City. Driver not impaired in deadly collision with cyclist, police say At this point it’s all moot because the driver died of natural causes before the tox screen could be completed. The guilty party is already in the grave, he can be punished no further.

MI LEO are still looking for the minivan that killed a cyclist, BOTLO for a white Chevrolet Ventura with a damaged or missing grill and right front damage. Authorities Looking for Driver of Hit-and-Run Minivan that Killed Cyclist If you see this vehicle render it immobile provided you can do so safely and/or otherwise report it to LEO. Finding the vehicle is important but not as important as my readers’ safety. I don’t have enough readers as it is without one of you doing something brave (stupid) and getting killed.

This just in as I was getting ready to close out the Feed folder, a teen driver celebrating her birthday killed a cyclist. Magna teenager, on her birthday, hits, kills cyclist and Woman struck and killed by truck with decorated windshield also Cyclist killed in head-on crash in Utah The victim was an electrical engineer and a recent graduate of the University of Utah and had been hit before. I don’t think she read my blog though. I think the other cyclist involved in the wreck might have as he veered right to escape the oncoming car and was unhurt. Remember when in doubt, cut right. This will get you further away from oncoming traffic and away from the direction a distracted American driver is most likely to turn if he accidentally crossed the centerline. If the driver continues to move left (s)he’s either unconscious or doing it on purpose.

Again from CA, Courts have determined it doesn’t matter that the cyclist was drunk (maybe) if you’re drunk, too and you kill the cyclist. California Court Rejects Contributory Negligence Defense in DUI Case Yep if you’re drunk and you kill someone your butt is going to prison.

In Canada they can’t count but the do know when hitting a cyclist is a crime. Man gets eight years in jail for killing cyclist I remember posting about this wreck because of the furor over the police chase that had been broken off just seconds before the wreck because the driver had fled to First Nations territory where the LEO was not permitted in any official fashion.

And that’s all the news that gives me fits.

Billed @$0.02, Opus

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